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July 23, 2004

Woe! Beware the Ides of Meta!

Amber's Amber: Character Punishment
One of the biggest joys that I get out of characters is having them in an uncomfortable position and seeing how they react.
Which could always turn out to be too much of a bad thing.

But Am is really onto something here. Using Grand Affair as an example is quite easy.

Benedict's character is built literally on the concept that he'll never be happy and must make the best of a range of terrible paths.

I was less extreme with Passel and Walker. But it is worth noting that in a game where you could write your PCs as anything at all (having no GM to contradict), Walker is in a very awkward place, feeling completely incapable of interacting with royal and diplomatic folks.

Passel, really without specific plot, finds herself getting 'ground up' between the stories of several other Characters that she loves a lot. Love is capable of destroying her and she is not good on holding back her love.

So I'd say Am and I are taking a very similar approach to the Meta of our PCs.

And it works really well.

For another perspective—take a look at this excellent blog blurb at Roleplay, Lda.

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