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July 24, 2004

Game Dream 6 :: Conventions

Game Dream 6: Everybody Chaka Con
This week's Game Dream deals with a previous area of interest for me ... conventions.

Have you attended a game or media (i.e. comic book / SF) convention? If not, what's kept you from doing so? If so, how was your experience, and what can you share with others to nudge their decision one way or the other?

I am one of those fellas seen wandering the halls of Star Trek conventions. I went to the first one in Pittsburgh when still in college.

Years later, with the pleasant nudge of my Strange Bedfellows GM, Jvstin, I went to the Amber convention in Detroit in 1998. Since then, I have attended a SF writers convention and several more Ambercons.

Amber conventions rock. You meet very nice people there. They enjoy the same things I do. They introduce you to new ideas and media. And you learn something about your own stamina, limits, and bias in the great hobby of roleplaying games.

First of all, I don't think I'm good with strangers or making first impressions. I'm not exactly shy—but I'm extroverted in the sense that I'm more interested other people. So I don't talk a lot. Normally. I listen.

Conventions have helped me with this. I've learned to be more social. The cons have helped me balance a bit so that I can give feedback to people and not just nod and listen while other folks talk.

So folks don't walk away thinking I didn't enjoy meeting them.

(If it doesn't make sense to you that a RPG fella might be quiet, just take my word for it. When I'm in character: I'm not quiet unless the Character is and they often aren't.)

So I look at my convention experiences over the last six years (sometimes two cons a year) as helping me open my interaction with other people. It has paid off at work and in social situations. It has helped make friends in a world that often seems to be making it harder to keep friends.

Worth it by any measure.

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