in the Shadow of Greatness


August 18, 2004

IMC :: Ravens

We have reached a point in the story where Cassandra's own children are something of an adventure and mystery rolled into one.


They explained they are from a world of Shadows. Their story was of a family with a gift for secrets. They learned how to make and wear feathers. Then they learned to fly and talk, watching for special words. They made other feathered creatures that are not as wonderful, to use as camouflage when they moved to other places. The one with this bright idea was made King of the Ravens.

I wanted to see them without their feathers. For this they traded my earring. It hopped onto my leg to get the jewelry. Then it spread its wings and the feathers slid off like an opera cloak. He had a dark form, black and shining, with a silver outline. It looked like a letter “Y” and it slid closer.

Its voice was high-pitched, almost soprano, and child-like now, very different from the raven's croak. “I could teach you Cassandra.” It knew my name! And, I learned, my lineage, all the way to Dworkin. With a brief 'thank you', I told them I had to get Xhimena back to bed. He donned the feathers and gave me a knowing look.

And since Corwin has been absent from my campaign for years, the PCs and others really have no access to the secrets of the Faiella line, not that Corwin knows much either.


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