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September 10, 2004

Game Dream 13 :: not a good day to die

Game Dream 13: Running Away, Are Ye?

How do your players determine whether a creature / obstacle / NPC is "out of their league"? What happens then? Do the players immediately attempt to flee? Is there in-character or out-of-character decision making? Do you usually have an escape route planned?

I'm not sure Players, and hence PCs, really even think about this often in my games. Or to put it another way, hindsight is so much better than prediction, just like in Real Life.

There are exceptions: places where the GM's description is complete or otherwise pushes a button the PC takes full notice of.

No one in the "Bloody Grievance" game ever really questioned the Dragon Arden as 'bad news' after a small bit of descript.

Any follow-up conversation with Arden just seemed to clinch the deal.

In Amber gaming, the PCs know they rock. They know that they can kick ass. Usually in my games, there is still a bit of "holdback" because the universe is a big place and Dame Arrogance only needs one good chance to kill you or make you very sorry.

In the royal family, looking like a screw up is often more seriously bad than getting yourself killed.

As such, there are those delightful conversations between family members:

"So enough about my orchard, what do you know about a woman named Lilith, Uncle?"

"Could be a number of people. Any reason you ask me?"

"Oh, ran into her near the Black Zone, and thought you might have crossed paths with her. She seemed to recognize the capabilities of an amberite as special. It didn't throw her off her game either."

"And her game was...?"


A smile. "Trade?"

"Of course. After you."

Family makes the universe go 'round.

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