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November 19, 2004

IMC :: ...shadows of

Blog, Jvstin Style: Unusual "Shadow of"
What unusual "Shadow of" associations do you make? You know, either fictional or real people who just seem to be shadows of the Royal Family of Amber (or even your own PCs and NPCs).

IMC, Elders are often reticent to refer to shadows of royals as 'copies', or 'mirrors', or even 'shadows' though all those terms have been used by youngers. Everyone is quite aware of Caine's death-charade substitution and how effective it was. Most folks know the line between shadow-royals and your understanding of the Real Thing is blurry.

Sometimes you hear the phrase "she follows the way of Deirdre" or "he reminds me of the way of Rinaldo."

There are many popular shadow analogies of royals. So what would be unusual?

Fiona :: Jessica Rabbit
-reason? "He makes me laugh."

Julian :: James Bond
-reason? unflappable, suave, wit

Random :: Scaramouche
-reason? showman, rebel, jester, "He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad."

Bleys :: Ziggy Stardust
-reason? glamour, appeal, that spark

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