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December 7, 2004

IRE 3 :: ...which will live in infamy

Blog, Jvstin Style: IRE #3: Pearl Harbor
Anyway, the third IRE is going to be about the day that lives in infamy, the Japanese attack on the naval base of Pearl Harbor, Dec 7. 1941.
It is unlikely. It is shocking. And it is devastating.

On a day when the Courts of Chaos puts aside normal protocols and fills the Boulevard with eerie festive shapes and masqued revelers, a rumble passes through the ground. Suddenly, the fractured sky above lights up as a vast explosion and subsequent shock wave roll across over nine thousand festive participants.

Where Thelbane used to be, there is now only a radiant crater and a black whirlwind of torn and broken magics.

King Merlin and Queen Zakchere are gone with their Court. The Heir is traveling and there are rumors she has been killed in a simultaneous attack. Many hundreds of nobles are dead or injured in the shock wave. The magical maelstrom is now devouring nearby spells and matrix of the Courts. Several Houses are immediately threatened.

Who has declared war on the most powerful 'sleeping giant' of all?

Whether the PCs are from Chaos or Amber, there is plenty of blame and suspicion to go around.

As they race against the clock of accusations and escalation, thousands more lives may be at risk, both in the Courts, and Amber, and throughout shadow.

And then the House of Lords agrees despite the protests of the Church of the Serpent to open the ancient vaults that hold the doomsday weapons. This might be the first step to the end of civilization.

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