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December 15, 2004

IRE 4 :: Zuider Zee

Blog, Jvstin Style: IRE #4: Zuider Zee
On December 14th, 1287, the Zuider Zee sea wall in what is now the Netherlands collapsed, killing 50,000 people. It is the most massive such flood in the history of the Dutch, the Zuider Zee one of the most monumental projects in the history of engineering. Thus, this disaster is the theme of this week's IRE.
According to the oldest children of Oberon, the Faiella-Bionin was constructed in a single night.

No one knows how this monumental engineering feat was accomplished by Queen Faiella, except that she had secret relationships with strange allies in shadow.

And now the land bridge to Rebma is failing.

Only thirty percent of Rebma's inhabitants are actually able to survive the watery depths because of their Athanor heritage. If the bridge fails, it is expected that seventy thousand people could perish.

Evacuation has started. There may be hours, or at most a day, before tragedy strikes. The players must discover the secrets of Faiella and her phantom engineers as quickly as possible.

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