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January 19, 2005

IRE 9 :: Inauguration

Blog, Jvstin Style: Ire #9: Inauguration

Tomorrow, January 20th, is the quadrennial American Presidential Inauguration, and the subject of this week's IRE. I think we can broaden it to include things like coronations and the like, too....

What do you get the fellow who has everything? Who takes the throne of Chaos by surviving assassinations? Who wears a spikard and keeps another one nearby in a vault?

A bride.

Merlin makes it through his 'gauntlet' fifty-years as Heir and becomes King of Chaos. Now he has to put some poor gal through the same process. He needs a queen.

The PCs are the best candidates from every House of Chaos. The assassins are primed. The fifty-year period of courting has begun.


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