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January 26, 2005

IRE 10 :: Oscar

Blog, Jvstin Style: IRE 10: Oscar Nominations

Our 10th IRE has to do with the recent Academy Award Nominations. Glamour. Glitz. Stars. Awards. Campaigns for Awards. The usual madness.

Glamour. Is Glamour shadow, or is it substance? Or is it something else?

Perhaps the PCs will find out. The throne of Amber is invited to submit candidates for Ambassador-extraordinary to the Fae. Wisely, most of the Elder figures of Amber have 'pressing business' elsewhere or formal positions that cannot easily be ignored.

Time for the Youngers to step up.

Amid the whirl of parties, seductions, and dazzling displays—-who wants the job? Who is right for it? What are the Fae expecting?

Once at the court of Khans, the Amber folk find a palace built especially for the occasion. Each royal of Amber is given a complimentary entourage, and find that there are opinions aplenty formed in the various Fae blood courts about who should be Ambassador-extraordinary.

Some of the candidates arrive from unexpected places—for it seems that even distant relatives of Amber are welcome to submit their candidacy to the Khans.

So a Chaosian contingent is here from House Nemirab. Likewise scions of Deela the Desecratrix. Also some distinguished visitors of Darrheabarr.

It appears that the Khans and their courts do not choose the successful candidate.
The voting body are the entourages assigned to each person.

Party on!

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