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February 23, 2005

Lunchtime Poll 15 :: Off-Label Use

Ravings of a Textual Deviant Lunchtime Poll #15: Off-Label Use

The uses of some things are fairly obvious, or so you'd think. Grappling hooks, fire extinguishers, blenders, and Magic Missile spells, for example, would seem to be fairly straightforward, one-use tools—but not always. What's the best or most creative "off-label use" of a spell or item that you've seen?

Continuing in a series of not-easy-to-answer questions.

The first answer to this that I can think of is related to my philosophy about magic and Amber: "which is more efficient, throwing magic energy at an unknown resistance, or tossing it at a willing target?"

In Strange Bedfellows, I expected an intimate scale game, with few reasons to think my sorceress character would be ever dealing with intense spells of large scale. So her 'spellbook' is full of quirky esoteric spells suited to drawing rooms and labs.

And her first hostile encounter in the game was a small army of invaders in a forest. We should also mention that the regiment had wizard backup.

Sigh. Player shock. Such a true sign of GM cleverness. Well, he got my attention.

Bhangbadea's solution, having not a single prayer of going hand-to-hand with a regiment, was to throw a spell on herself and turn herself into a weapon. The transmogrification spell changed her to a storm dragon. She then rolled into a ball and bowled down ranks of footsoldiers by mass alone.

Her hurts were not minor, but the army got literally smeared.

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