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March 30, 2005

Amber DRPG futures

"The next Amber book I want to do is Chaos Rules — a complete book of the Courts of Chaos and the Chaos/Logrus Powers. This is going to be a complete roleplaying rulebook in that you will be able to run a campaign set in the Courts without owning the original Amber game. I want it to have a completely different attitude, so that playing Chaos Rules will feel like an entirely different game than Amber, even though they're using the same basic system."
—-Erick Wujcik
Well, this is a good idea, even though my first choice for supplement was Nine Ladies Dancing: the secrets of Amber's women.

Of course, the estate of Zelazny has to approve GOO doing a second edition, let alone supplements to Amber DRPG. There is no word on that. Maybe this weekend?

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