in the Shadow of Greatness


April 13, 2005

pump up the Attributes

GoO chat on Attributes

Using the system to help PCs be distinct and even more competant is a good thing.

IOW, asking a PC to define their 'love/obsession/favorite' within an Attribute tells you more about them and how to make the game allow them more spotlight. For this, I typically give out a 'bonus rank' on top of their Attribute score.

Players often have trouble thinking of just how they want to have their PC specialize. But imagine how much agony there could be in deciding what to 'reduce' your competancy in—if subattributes were the rule. Ouch.

Another way to say this is: if you are second rank in Strength, but let the GM know your PC spends lots of time learning and practicing 'escape artist' moves. For purposes of that specialty, the PC can act as first rank.

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