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April 19, 2005

IRE 19 :: tax me up! tax me down!

Game IRE #19: I'm the Taxman

After the difficulty of last week's IRE involving the passing of the pope, I felt it was only fair to go for a theme that is relatively simple and direct. April 15th, in America, is "Tax Day", the last day one can file their income taxes for last year.

The Taxman cometh...and what are your characters going to do?

In a previous IRE, we saw our amber PCs vying for notice in a setting new to them. One PC has become the Ambassador-Extraordinary with great powers of access to the Fae. There are great opportunities for Amber to discover or restore ancient ties.

Success can be so taxing.

The other PCs notice the Ambassador-Extraordinary is much distracted of late. Sometimes the A-E seems to be in a fog, or tired, or generally not themselves. Food is being ignored—always a bad sign with amberite appetites.

Perhaps the A-E is looking a bit pale.

The Khan of the Zhan Zi is known as Shi-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. Shi has taken a shine to the A-E and there are long 'diplomatic' sessions in the Black Palace of the Zhan Zi through the prolonged nights.

Direct questions to the A-E often only garner an enigmatic smile. A very good friend of the PC may find in confidence that there is an affair in progress between Shi and the PC.

Any actions here need to move carefully. The Fae are very different than Amber and have strange magics. One certainly cannot forget that some of the Fae are worshipped by the warrior culture of Ghenesh. The King would not be pleased to be confronted with diplomatic fury as a result from actions of the PCs.

Is some sort of tax being charged? Does the A-E know about it or is she/he fogged by glamour?

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