in the Shadow of Greatness


May 24, 2005

...if you build it; they will come

the surreal city
"Our palaces are gaudier,
Our alley ways are bawdier..."
rpg background linked collaborative narrative
I thought about playing an rpg against a generic urban background versus playing on a stage created by Players (something like the lexicon game crossed with a "letter-game" backstory.) I'm much more excited by a project that could lead to a romance game run on the surreal streets of Yianeveh than on Anytown, North America. This almost follows the 'Firefly' concept of the Nth character being the city (ship Serenity in Joss Whedon's vision.)

The best immersive 'sticky' is when contributions twine about each other like a wild tanglevine, each hopefully adding some substance to the other.

So how difficult would this be? A complete Lexicon would take twenty-six 'turns'. Most games seem to be set up to provide a turn a week. Would six months be too long for a backstory setup? Mmm. If even five people worked at it: the seed would have 130 entries and be an interesting artifact.

There would be no commitment from You to play a rpg based on Yianeveh. Nor would there be a guarantee from me of running such. Mmm. That's probably a broken equation. Why would folks commit to entries if the only result was a wiki artifact? Then again, Lexicon Games are writing puzzles that appeal to me.

Perhaps. Just a blip: Yianeveh, at the seed wiki.

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