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June 17, 2005

IRE 22 :: repatriate

Blog, Jvstin Style: Game IRE #22: Changing Hands

Today marks the 340th anniversary of the reincorporation of New Amsterdam by the English into the colony of New York. Its an important and momentous occasion, a turning point not only in the development of New York, but America in general. ((L.E. Modesitt Jr. Ghost books, as a divergence, have a Dutch-dominated New York and New England surviving British attempts at incorporation).

So, the handover of a valuable colony or country between rivals... and the people in the colony caught in the crossfire...

The PatternFall war lasts an excess of five years in Amber, or ten to thirty years out in shadow. Likewise it is seven years before a King again sits the throne of Amber, or fourteen to forty more shadow years.

Out there in shadow over this span of some seven decades, there are countries and lands living generations under the upheaval of the Black War. Assume the Chaosians took a lot of territory in their ebon-threaded march to Kolvir.

So now get "handed back" a shadow on the Amber side of Ygg that has been two or three generations under the odd and eerie control of Chaos.

Well, royals could try to ignore restoring old shadows in favor of finding new ones, but what if there were "known qualities" of a shadow, some paragon of environ that wasn't so easy to find or copy. After all, if the royals already 'know' it is rare, they are less likely to find a substitute.

Corwin must return to Avalon with its problems and qualities closely matched to the place he knew. A completely restored 'Avalon' would not be close to Avalon at all. Fact is second best is often not good enough.

So there are these two or three shadows that need to be brought back into the fold of Order. Have the Chaosi left 'surprises' for the royals? Do the people welcome back liberators who vanished decades ago? What has the taint of Chaos left behind in the blood of the people? In the power of the Land? Were there rebels? What justice for local collaborators? Are there half-blood Chaosi to be reckoned with?

Random can only hope to send a few royals to find out. Now.

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