in the Shadow of Greatness


August 20, 2005

the future is now

Cheer up, Amber is Eternal. While plenty of the www Amber stuff is no longer updated or just plain gone, there are some things that deserve a link pointer:

First Light -> Summary of Chaos Houses
First Light -> Dworkin's Family
The rebel visionary Dworkin Barimen is about to break from his homeland and create a new Pattern. His plan will spawn new worlds and fundamentally change the nature of reality. Unfortunately for him, he has many enemies.

A Clockwork Dreaming
The visions Corwin saw in Tir-na Nog'th have come to pass. Dara rules in Amber as Queen, with Benedict as Lord Protector, while Corwin lies in his ancient tomb.

Blood Loyalties
The Patternfall War was a mere two years ago. The Black Road has faded, the realms of Shadow have largely settled down to normalcy, and King Random reigns with a growing wisdom and experience.

Amber : Axioms
Eric’s War – the war against the Monsters (or, as the Family knows it, Patternfall) ended over fifty years ago. In the spirit of a new accord, most of the Family brought any children they knew about to Amber. You grew up in a peaceful time, walked the Pattern, learned how to travel Shadow, and – maybe – found a home away from home, but Amber is, and always will be, more than Shadow could ever be.

Just a sample of games that do seem to be current.

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