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October 15, 2005

IMC :: Certain Favored Shapes

Shadows of Amber :: The Courts :: Certain Favored Shapes
Yes, why is it that Chaosi have certain shapes that they immediately use in a given situation?

Of course, many RPGs don't touch on all the ramifications that Dara and her Chaosi culture might have to those forms.

Certainly my gut reaction is that combat advantage is only a couple of the things they do with shape.

Others would be:

  • security: certain forms would be like badges/countersigns allowing you access past the guardians of select ways.
  • prowess: competition in Chaos takes a great many forms. Artistic shapers are acknowledged to carry on a rare tradition that stretches back to the origins of the Courts.
  • shadow reactions: unusual chadows demand unusual forms, something Amberites never think about
  • sex: Chaosi reproduce under circumstances that the Amberites would find... unusual
  • perceptions: some form changes involve altering the way the shaper looks at the universe; ie. sometimes a form is suited to a study/analysis of something

  • We could come up with lots more.....

    I also usually posit that Dara was racked up with sorcery to assist her shaping faster/with less fatigue and that the Pattern walk stripped and/or set-off most of that racking.

    There is something to the idea that you should void your rack before Pattern walking. Magic that isn't compatible with the Pattern wavelengths is like walking the Pattern with a backpack of nitro.

    Hey, if you fall down, you're dead anyhow, right?

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