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October 25, 2005

new players? by interview

Treasure Tables Interviewing Prospective Players

So how does your group handle this? If you've interviewed prospective players before, what are the highlights of your approach? Would it bug you if you were interviewed before being allowed to join a group?

I've done this once.
I recommend it.

I'm not sure I did it right, mind you. But it did go down pretty much as noted in the blog. My wife and I went to meet a couple who had posted in the local game shop.

We met at a restaurant. Talked through a small meal. They were new to the area and college bound. Later we decided that they could be a fine addition to our social time and called to see when they would like to try a game. They said they would get their schedule organized once the school year was a few weeks running and call.

And we never heard from them again.

Think about it. That's not a bad result. Something there didn't work. Time. Commitment. Chemistry. Something.

Even though it was weird to have no response--it said effectively that this was not meant to be.

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