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December 25, 2005

IMC :: Yule

Shadows of Amber :: The Center of All Things :: Xmas in Amber
R Trimmer asks:
What sort of Winter Equinox/Winterfest/Yule holiday, if any, do they celebrate in your Amber?

In Eternal City, Random hauls the Yule Log into the main fireplace of the castle and burns it all night, tending it himself. Sometimes family members stay up with him.

Random also opens the doors of the castle to hear words from anyone of the Kingdom or Family--regardless of their status--they have free passage into/out of the castle. Many people of the town and country come up the mountain to give trussed ducks or stuffed bass to the castle kitchen. Later, meals are carted down to the town orphanage.

One Yule, Mirelle returned to Amber after an absence of centuries to tell Random what she really thought of him.

The Yule has also seen Dalt at the castle under the King's Peace.

One year assassins managed to severely injure the King on Yule.

It makes for an interesting time and reminds many of how the family is better off now that Oberon is gone.

The night is a symbol of how Random has moved the Family into a new era. More importantly, of how the Family acknowledges the connections to each other that the King insists upon.

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