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January 8, 2006

Ambercon US 2006 :: games

These games are submitted by me for ACUS 2006:

Five Sides To Every Story

Character Generation: Pregenerated

Mystery and missing information dominate this puzzle. Why is everything in Castle Amber so quiet? How have you woken in a room you can't recognize? Where is everyone? Why can't you remember? In fact, who the hell are you? Roleplay from scratch a must. Can you start with nothing and come out all right? Pregen characters given at game start. Please, no players who have tried this scenario.

Changing Hands

Character Generation: Before Con based on 100 points

The PatternFall war lasts an excess of five years in Amber, or ten to thirty years out in shadow. Likewise it is seven years before a King again sits the throne of Amber, or fourteen to forty more shadow years. Out there in shadow over this span of some seven decades, there are countries and lands living generations under the upheaval of the Black War.

Assume the Chaosians took a lot of territory in their ebon-threaded march to Kolvir. So now get "handed back" a shadow on the Amber side of Ygg that has been two or three generations under the odd and eerie control of Chaos.

So there are these two or three shadows that need to be brought back into the fold of Order. Have the Chaosi left 'surprises' for the royals? Do the people welcome back liberators who vanished decades ago? What has the taint of Chaos left behind in the blood of the people? In the power of the Land? Were there rebels? What justice for local collaborators? Are there half-blood Chaosi to be reckoned with?

Random can only hope to send a few royals to find out.

Players may send descriptions of favorite shadows valued by Amber (not Golden Circle shadows) and GM will make effort to include them in game. No exalted powers, no artifacts over 10 points except approved by GM. PCs to the GM by email before con.

Clandestine Chronicles of the Cobalt Charter

Character Generation: Before Con based on 50 points

The Cobalt Charter binds them in Blood.

It is a group of women that meets in a masked and hidden place under the turnings of a broken sky. Born in many shadows, they come together under the Very Watch of great kingdoms to work their Secret Will upon Shadow.

Having agreed to their Will, they act and suffer no man or god to stand in their way.

Build a female character of the Cobalt Charter for 50 points. Your Player Character may not have Pattern or Logrus. Build also the "mission" your PC will bring to the next Charter meeting in a description to convince your fellow Sisters to work their Secret Will. Do not exceed 250 words with your mission description. If your "mission" includes an Antagonist, build that person for 150 points and briefly describe them for the GM. Information to the GM by email before the con. Don't sign up if you can't do the preparation, please.

Shadow Solstice

Character Generation: Before Con based on 100 points

One immediate difference to be seen between the shadows of Amber and the shadows of Chaos. The sky, and more specifically, the sun.

All through the shadows, cataclysmic events are rippling. Stars are exploding. One at a time, the sun is going out in a million worlds.

Now intense solar flares have started in two Golden Circle countries and Benedict reveals that there is a reverse axiom regarding shadow and its apparent influence on Amber. 'Even a lion might fall to a infinite army of ants.'

But someone is doing this foul deed. Someone with a philosophical understanding of the significant differences between Amber and Chaos. What becomes of Amber when it has a broken sky?

At Benedict's command: go into shadow and stop the Shadow Solstice.

No exalted powers, no artifacts over 10 points except approved by GM. PCs to the GM by email before con.

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