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April 4, 2006

IMC :: shroudlings, before and after

Some shroudling thoughts.

The name shroudling is the 'common generis' that Thari uses for the ancient people and means literally 'little ones favored of the shroud'. It isn't quite accurate or historical but the shroudlings are too few and too elegant to quibble about it.

The shroudlings call themselves the familia Shro-Ud (schrow-ood). This means 'followers of Shro' which is an ancient philosophy that elevates Passion to a high martial and cosmic art form. This was more commonly known as the 'Way of the Fang' in later times.

For instance, the shroudling fangs that are a hallmark by blood only appear when they are very passionate about something and this is true of all Shro-Ud. The followers of Shro were divided into three sects (black, white, and red.) A bit like monks of ancient Chin, they all agreed to the same principals, if not the same passions. They all believe in Passion, but have expressions 'tilted' to different axis.

The irony of 'shroudlings' is the confusion inherent in terms that have drifted meanings. There were shroudlings. They were 'little ones favored of the Shro-Ud' and were created by the Shro-Ud as partners and better workers of magic than the Reality immersed Shro-Ud. (Reality tends to compress around Shro-Ud, and is part of the reason that their mirror art still works at all. While it does not work well the further you go from Amber or Chaos or other Real Anchors it usually works near the Shro-Ud. For an example of Reality compression, the longer a Shro-Ud shares their Passions with a circle of friends, the more Real those friends become.)

The Shro-Ud cities were long gone. Thousands of centuries passed after the devastation that ended Shro-Ud civilization and the little shroudlings renamed themselves. In truth, the shroudlings never much liked being the 'little ones' partnered by the Shro-Ud. For their own name, they chose to celebrate their identity by their greatest ability: their great magical power and grace. They called themselves 'Power' in the ancient tongue and today are known as the Fae.

Fae civilization survives directly from the Shro-Ud.
And through the Fae, the Way of the Fang also survives.

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