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April 12, 2006

the novel rpg

Fair Game: The novel rpg

I want to talk about types of stories, narrative length, narrative form and translating from one to another.

And Emily goes on to discuss translating books to movies to rpgs and how we might understand narrative volume and fitting stories to media.

I think this relates well to the earlier thought about endpoints to a game and dramatic content. A game that seems to unfold forever, that you can chew the narrative a long, long time is almost out of fashion. That style will probably come around again.

Also note some keen comments to Emily's thoughts.

"A lot of fantasy fans remember (or have discovered) the old days of the short story, of Howards reckless pacing and brutal simplicity, of Dunsany's stateliness and Smith's oddity -- and the call for shorter, harder, faster stories is starting to grow."
—Brand Robins

Having done ten years of sword & sorcery, then eight years of pbem and maintaining eight years of F2F Amber, I am very comfortable with steady organic narrative of worlds.

It's my reflexes for 'short and sweet' that need a polish. There are game forms that would assist this, but I'm wondering if writing more flash and short fiction might help as well.

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