in the Shadow of Greatness


April 13, 2006

IMC :: mirror wright

The arcane practice of image 'capture and compression' is known through various ages as Mirror Art or Mirror Wright. There are a great many misunderstandings about what is possible or practical in the Art of Mirrors.

Depending on the skill of the wright:
• all reflective surfaces map images
• an arcanely crafted mirror can tune to reflected images and capture/compress them from any distance
• compressed images can be stored and viewed again
• image quality invokes compression of space and time
• sight and touch connections between compressed images are possible
• such connected compressed images can be walked through as transportation
• passive spying is relatively easy once a location is found
• sorting through images is a function of the natural psyche of the wright

• transparent material is a must for the crafted mirror
• texture distortion leads to sensory distortion
• taste, sound and smell are senses that do not translate compressed images well
• distortion of the image can only be corrected to a limited extent
• mirrors can be barred and warded by greater mirror adepts, overcoming this ward would be a psyche conflict
• nearby primal conflict blocks image quality
• spells cast through mirrors have as much chance to affect the mirror as the sensory target
• sorting can create sensory overload
• working with image compression produces sensory euphoria, which can also lead to psyche addiction or obsession
• endurance (not psyche) is the defense against sensory euphoria
• the further the image is from an anchor of reality, the less image compression is possible, therefore shadow images are sometimes inadequate to a mirror wright
• the 'connection environ' of mirrors (mirrorverse) is a separate realm with dimension. Transportation through the mirrorverse may not be quick; it may not be safe
• the best known adepts at mirror wrighting are the Shroudlings, the Fae, and the Athanor. It can be dangerous to seek instruction from these ancient people and prices of service or blood from the initiate are not unusual or extreme. Proceed with caution.

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