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April 13, 2006

What kind of Amber PCs do you play?

Shadows of Amber :: From the Peanut Gallery :: What kind of Amber characters do you play?

Climb on board! Do you have a 'pattern' in your fictional characters?

Someone told me recently that all my characters are reasonable. That my style is to play trustworthy people. Not sure about that.

I do play PCs who think all the time. They might be mis-informed, or wrong, or even misguided, but they have strong beliefs. And they talk before they fight. But isn't that a feature of Amber genre?

Kirwyd, who declared war on Amber and kidnapped its king. A courtly fop with deadly ambitions.

Bhangbadea, who lived for a hundred years without Amber and now seeks to defend it. A gypsy wanderer.

Vurgore, who lived to serve his House. A warrior born and bred.

Passel, who might have died defending Amber and yet defied her Queen to love three separate people at the same time. An artist of passion.

Celina, who tried to punch her amberite father in the face when he claimed her as daughter in public. A badly scared young woman.

Basque, a musician who liked to sleep under trees. A dreamer with the manners of a saint.

Shapir, who lives in Arden but was raised in the desert empire of Al-Qadir. A sword dancer with a gentle soul.

Felizarius, who plays piano to think, but has a soft spot for dames in trouble. A sorceror who doesn't like to get his hands dirty.

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