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May 25, 2006

IMC :: unkindness of fae?

Fun With Words: Collective Nouns
Unkindness of ravens
Murder of crows

IMC regards Corwin, there is the lovely dark Muse Queen who lives in a primal realm of Paris night. She seems to be the animal of Corwin's authority.

And then Corwin married her beautiful raven-haired daughter, Lorelei.

What Corwin doesn't know is that the Muse Queen is a Raven of the ancient Fae bloodline of Fetha. The mytho-history says the Fetha created ravens (and birds) so that the Fetha could spy nearly anywhere without being obvious.

Carl Corey Fenneval marries Lorelei Corvidae.
Of course.

Elsewhere, the family descendants of Eric have made another 'Paris' finally safe from the dangers of the Sorrowful Hand. Cassandra's log will update soon telling of the final battles there.

Xhimena and family have powerful allies in the Fetha. The Mer Khan seems to have struck a good relationship with Cassandra since Cass recanted her harsh words. Certainly Cassandra distrusts the Zhan Zi. Perhaps also GoReSo and the Huli Jing have made DeWinter and Cassandra too nervous with their old association with Deela.

But bottom line, Cassandra doesn't trust the Fae at all. They are too powerful and devious.
Are the Ravens the best of the lot?

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jenn says...

I miss my Mavren - A Corvid WereRaven from World of Darkness whom I apparently totally misrepresented character-wise, to the GM of that game.

She had the potential to be much fun.

Of course, that was the begining of my gaming meltdown - from which I am still on the sidelines, far from any recovery... so she's a very tragic character in my head... didn't do her justice, at all, and it saddens me.

Posted May 26, 2006 10:34 AM
sirvalence says...

Mike Walker recently ran an offshoot of his Amber campaign in which we played artifacts: I played as a flock of ravens. They were lots of fun to play, and turned out to be extraordinarily useful (especially since a couple of the "characters" couldn't move around!). It was very strange playing a collective entity though.

Posted May 26, 2006 2:05 PM
Arref says...

Appreciate both comments, sounds like great fun.

Posted May 30, 2006 10:35 AM