in the Shadow of Greatness


May 30, 2006

IMC :: cassandra logs

We must once again thank V for her persistent penning of the Cassandra Logs.
I know of no resource like it for smooth and complete documentation of an amber character from start to maturity.

V makes effort to keep the material accessible to those not familiar with all the quirks of my campaign, though she does not claim to be writing a narrative story.

These logs are finite. They will end sooner rather than later, as V needs to follow a future that takes her from the region and therefore the game.

What do we know about Cassandra after all this time?
What do we hope for her?

Well, I'd like input from many readers, (there are at least a handful!) I plan to do a GM's afterword to the logs and would like to include comments from readers.

Please let me know, either here or in email to me.

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