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November 10, 2006

Florimel on the march

From the week's whimsy on the AML:

How might Florimel respond from Earth to a crisis call for army troops to aid Amber?

When the Princess Says, "Go and Die..."
By Arref (w/ apologies to Kit Kindred)
Carmella entered the private car to find Florimel pouring brandies.

Her patron looked up. "How are we doing? I heard the conductor make last call on the platform?"

The swarthy woman cleared her throat. "Oh, I suppose we'll do well. Everyone has a dozen questions. They all want to see you immediately."

The princess smiled. "Later, I suppose, once I've changed."

Carmella hid a smirk by looking at her notes. "The Rockefeller boys want to know how long you will be using the train and if you will bring it back to New York. You were right in that McInvery says they sent the contract off to check JD's signature as a forgery."

"By the time they confirm it is real, we'll be halfway to Amber." Flora handed Carmella a snifter.

"The Lipizzaners are settled in. Mr. Von Alf is beside himself and his crew are quite busy. Colonel Imjack and his handlers are sure ten box cars of angry cats is not what they signed up for. Dr. Hamlin and his team aren't sure they can adapt the train's power system to the equipment they brought and he wants to stop for bigger vacuum tubes along the way. The dear elephants have been no trouble, but the Barnum people want to know where they're going to get the food they didn't have time to bring..."

Florimel waved a graceful hand in the 'whatever' direction of the sun beyond the leaded glass window. The train began to slip slowly from the station.

A small laugh escaped Carmella's control. "But at least tell me how in the world we get a train through to Arden?"

Florimel pulled back the drape and smiled at the waving beaus on the platform. "You remember me letting the boys borrow the Mercedes sedan?"

"We never got it back," Carmella growled.

Flora nodded. "But it was a useful experiment and Random revealed essential principles that I'll put to good effect. And he's king now, you know. By the time we get near to the outlying allied ranger posts our sleek locomotive will be quite different." She dropped the curtain and looked at her friend. "Something in glossy red, brown and orange, I'm sure. It will be a Little Engine. I wager it will do better than anyone has a right to expect."


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