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June 20, 2007

Amber: family conversation riposte

"I can kill you here as there is no one present I fear to speak of it."
—Celina, House of Cards

So in response to last week's cliffhanger, the NPCs had this brilliant bit of Zelazny-esque riposte:

"You should be more careful than that," says Loreena. "It's the difference between being shoved off the steps and banished after your trial."

"We shouldn't bother," adds Khela. "She's not powerful enough to be worth it." She turns to Celina. "Unless you wish it, for personal reasons."

"Shoved off the steps" is a canon bit regards the Faiella-Bionin stairway: painful death by water pressure beyond the balm of the enchanted stair. It's also a dig at Khela, showing Loreena has done homework. Khela was exiled rather than executed. Others in the Libertist cause had allegedly killed people and 'got the stair'. I think it also comments on how quickly Loreena can switch from personal spite to politics and back again. And it means Loreena is thinking, not just spitting.

"We shouldn't bother" is a nice bit of reveal: the exiled Khela isn't bloodthirsty. It's also a dig at Loreena, showing Khela doesn't fear her personally or politically, now or later. Khela twists the knife here, plainly speaking Loreena is not only captive, but more mouth than bite. Then the sudden Zelazny turn, "unless you wish it, for personal reasons."

Offer? or probing worry?

The power of dialog to twist the reader in the wind, but sow seeds for further reveals and twists. Pivot. Lunge. Probe. Block. Thrust.

Running beneath the whole: Khela would kill on Celina's word, but doesn't want to. This validates the notion that Khela may already be under the influence of the Green Sword. Khela defending Rebma's royal blood.

Kudos to the GM Hivemind.

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