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February 2, 2008

archetype flexing and casting

It is not everyday that I re-think or flex my notion of the Amber royals. A recent fashion photo of woman usually given 'child-like' makeovers caught my eye.

And hit me with regards to the tiny Fiona, "innocent of all but malice."

One of the options to play against the patriarchy (for a princess) is being more competent than the men can dismiss. Another is being decorative and discounted. I usually associate the older ladies (Deirdre and Fiona) with the first and the younger ladies (Flora and Coral) with the latter.

This image captures (mostly with that Fiona smile that Corwin 'damns with faint praise') both qualities.

Hey, just food for thought. The qualities that make a great model (being something of a chameleon) are useful to a princess.

The lady is Jessica Stam as Fiona.

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