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October 27, 2008

it lives!! Amber, the Eternal City campaign

For the first time in months, the group got together to RPG my Amber campaign, the Eternal City. Twentyfour hours (and meals) of Amber play.

So this blog is not dead yet.

The PCs are dealing with the ongoing struggle of Benedict declaring official war on the Lords of the Living Void.

In a near-successful attempt to kill Cassandra and DeWinter, Cassandra's mother Thelia was murdered by improbable cause. This caused quite a shock through the Family Royale and provided some good reflection and character moments.

Melinda's shadow kingdom was nearly destroyed from under her, saved by major family intervention and the evacuation of the entire population.

Stargazer was forced into negotiations with a mad Dragon to save an uncle from a pledge. The result here that he must sire a child with the Dragon and live with her for fifteen years, setting aside his wife.

Owen was brain-blasted and enslaved as part of a larger scheme that seems to be part of Benedict's overall plan.

Ongoing throughout the universe:

  • allied Fae are running interference and defense for Cassandra's Paris and being picked off one by one

  • the Golden Circle finds itself with a new country in its trade routes that is not a member and not placed by the Amber family

  • various younger members of the family (kids and grandkids) have been variously maimed or lost loved ones to assassination and mischance
How do you stop an enemy that doesn't exist in the universe, but unravels you from outside it?
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Paul says...

How do you stop an enemy that doesn't exist in the universe, but unravels you from outside it?

I suspect (an) answer is to go Transcendental.

"Escape the cage that is your life" --Dworkin to Merlin

Posted January 11, 2009 8:59 AM
Arref says...

Nice idea and quote. Too bad you don't run an advice column for Players to tap.

'Dear Cousin Lorius'

Posted April 7, 2009 9:51 AM
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