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April 27, 2009

IMC :: shadows of amber: the question of dworkin

"Possessed of the abominations born of the disease, beyond their aid, their power..." Hand of Oberon, Chapter 5

Some thoughts (not all-inclusive, of course...)

* Does he mean truly "possessed" as perhaps something he, ahem, developed (in that disease sense) in his "meditations upon the Abyss?"

* Perhaps he owns abominations, like having demonic familiars?

* Who are "they"?

* Is "Order" the disease, or is there truly something viral about Pattern's design and how it replicates Shadow?

* "Beyond their aid, their power," could be a very powerful piece of this. The obvious side of this shows how tyrannical Chaos might have been pre-Pattern, in that aid was available at the cost of being under someone else's power. (The idea of 'fealty' is just a loose version of choosing to be near one of the stronger who might protect rather than eat the weak, right?) But just here we see that there are those that Dworkin might have called out to for aid, and those that were interested in keeping him for Power, and even more - that he WAS beyond them, and that was something important. "Beyond" being possibly both in the sense of knowledge, intent, and action, as well as the idea of location?

What does this mean to you?

My interpretation of Dworkin is that he is badly broken and mostly used up by the time he is saying these things. Perhaps like an exhausted man, gasping out information between breaths, does he have the strength to lie or dissemble?

Does he remember it all? This was a long time ago.
Has he decided (based on the looking back through time) that what happened had a greater meaning and now he can speak more clearly of it?

Dworkin is badly used by both sides of this drama. I suppose he didn't foresee most of what happened to him and subsequent events. I think there is plenty of narrative interest in Dworkin post-Corwin five tales because he might be on the mend and actually acting on his own plans.

-more soon-

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