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September 16, 2009

IMC :: Amber - on death, dying and dismemberment

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How have you managed your characters physical suffering in Amber games?

Generally, describing injuries intensely in my games are enough to get a 'shiver' and 'yuck' factor from the room at large. IMC, shadow is dangerous if you are careless or lead with your chin...and less so if you are canny. A common Player/PC comment in our campaign is, "I hate guns."

While we (on the AML and herein) have sometimes talked about the merits of genre and hi-tech vs swords vs guns....I have seen the PCs take this to heart and steer away from hi-tech and guns whenever they can...because danger in those places can jump you quite thoroughly and leave your PC messed up.

One of the biggest narrative distances (IMC) between PCs and Elders and NPCs is the GM's feedback loop on injuries. Elders often seem to dodge dangers or brush off injuries, PCs often seem to get caught and thumped, NPCs often get trashed or knocked out of narration. This also is a lovely reinforcement of drama: when Fiona gets brought into the infirmary with several knife wounds and blood everywhere....folks get intense and drama ratchets up.

Endurance matters: so there are not a lot of fancy patches and quick fixes that are Real for Amberites. Conservation of Drama, when you injure a Real Person they need Real Healing and not much in shadow can do more than make it possible for that Endurance to get to work efficiently. IOW, if you rest, you heal faster, if you go to a high tech hospital, you heal faster, if you get a god to set your bones, you heal faster. If the injury you got was dramatically trivial, then the healing is dramatically trivial....otherwise you are counting on the endurance you bought to get you up and going again.


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