in the Shadow of Greatness


December 21, 2011


Love this found old post from Jvstin.....

"Mother has put some thought into trying to undo them." Shannon says. "Unfortunately, she has come to the conclusion that while it might be possible, it could be a cure worse than the disease."

"What does that mean?" Valric says.

"It means" Shannon says "The Spikards were made and constructed, in some part, to tame rogue and out-of-control Shadow Powers, Powers that were Old when the Pattern was drawn. And to undo a Spikard would be to unleash that Power upon the universe again, with *no* safeguards. The Spikards are a very imperfect way to bind those Powers...but unless someone comes up with a better binding, the alternative to it is worse. We must see to its binding."

"Now you know" Shannon says to William "what nightmares my mother, my brother, uncle and I sometime have. And why Sand and Delwin are so dangerous. Even Uncle Brand wasn't crazy enough to try and meddle with the Spikards, except for one."

"I think I need more port, please, cousin." Shannon adds.

Now that's the way to instill a narrative yardstick for Spikards.

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