in the Shadow of Greatness


February 16, 2012

as befitting a Prince of Amber...

Sergeant Oddball: "These engines are the fastest in any tanks in the European Theater of Operations, forwards or backwards. You see, man, we like to feel we can get out of trouble, quicker than we got into it." 'Kelly's Heroes'

If you were a Prince/Princess of Amber walking the worlds... the above casual comment from Sgt. Oddball is a worthy bit of experience. It is my guiding principle is answering questions from experienced family members for those younger or more impatient.

The first threshold of immortal experience might be, "why do I care?"

The second threshold might be, "how likely am I to be treated ill-fitting a scion of Amber?"

For the large range of shadow walking adventure, your own innate doubt and caution will influence your shadow travel in a safe fashion. The Rule of Three applies. But there is always the arrogance of "I know what I am doing" or the impatient of "I want it now".

The best rule of thumb for all this is, "ask for what you know" ...much like a strange restaurant in a new town.

If you've never had pickled Cthulhu...why you don't know what you are missing. But Fiona does.

oh, btw, comments on the front page are broken again. Not to can comment on any individual entry just by clicking through to it.

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