in the Shadow of Greatness


August 3, 2012

the long and winding current, queen, year one

One year ago, Celina failed to save her love from Death on the Pattern of Rebma. Now she is Queen of Rebma. The City pledges to her will.

She swears to defend it with her life.

Celina has gathered good fortune, many of the other Kings (all the other Patterns are led by Kings) have pledged to assist her, especially as it does not harm their own realms. She also has specifically gotten great assist from cousins, most older and wiser than she.

And yet, her tasks to understand Order and defend the Rebma Pattern can be only mastered alone. (In game, time moves slowly... it has been perhaps a month since Khela died on the Pattern.)

Alone, she looks to discover the heritage of Moins and revive the City for a new era. So what was Moins like? What did Moins want for Rebma? What prompted Moins to dare a Pattern of her own when she was young?

What made Moire dare to take on Moins Pattern with no Pattern, no mystic will, no message, no heritage, no crown?

On other fronts, Celina has good help. Politics. Magic. Strategy. Justice. Volunteers are being very kind. Life goes better.

Year One. Celina grabs in the dark for a message that is cold still quiet several centuries. This is a long journey of small steps.

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