February 2, 2003

WISH #32: House Rules

WISH #32: House Rules

To what extent do you or your gaming peers use and develop house rules? Are you the kind of player who builds a system from the ground up, the kind of player who endlessly tweaks an existing game system to improve its performance, or the kind of player who uses a system out of the box? How does it affect your playing style? How does it affect the balance between rules mechanics and �pure� role-playing?

I'm with my good buddy Arref on this. I play around with systems, like a mad Dr. Frankenstein. I like to fiddle with what I am given, import ideas from other games, see what I can add or change to the basic set, which is probably why I love add-on books so much.

Amber doesn't have many rules but I tweak Amber endlessly. Chucking the auction, trying new paradigms and ideas for Sorcery, new powers, new facets of existing powers, different venues, new Elders. Its setting, but its also system in a sense, the character map of the Elders is part of that system.

I've never built a system from the ground up and I am not sure I'd have the nerve to do it. I much prefer to take things already made and work with them. Back when I played D&D I created new classes and races. I've never actually really played GURPS the game much but I've fiddled with their setting books and put them into other worlds (just as they intend). I've never played Everway although my box set is in New York. I heartily admire the Amberway projects extant, like House of Cards.

And I want to try out Nobilis so bad that I can taste it. I am waiting for the Guardians of Order re-printing. And its dollars to donuts that I will be modifying and playing with that system, too, once I learn it.

Posted by Jvstin at February 2, 2003 9:21 PM