March 1, 2003

Game Wish 36: Supplements Today's

Game Wish 36: Supplements

Today's WISH is not about game systems, but about supplements:
What do you think about supplements to game systems? Do you like the additional material, or are you just annoyed about spending the money for the additional rules? Name up to three supplements you've really enjoyed, and describe why you liked them.

Unlike, say, Arref, I do have to say that I AM a supplement junkie. I love to browse them, read them for the pleasure of it, and mine them for content for games, sometimes far removed from the game that the supplement is actually for. I consider it a purchase on the level and expense of a trade paperback book...I don't feel compelled to get the supplement, but I like to do it on my own terms.

GURPS is the King of Supplements, their books are almost explicitly designed for importing into other games. I feel disappointed that the one Arref highlighted in his own missive, Places of Mystery, is now out of print. But I have a nice selection of them, as well as supplements for other games.

Three that have been useful and I have particularly enjoyed?

1. Spherewalker, for Everway.
It's an encyclopedia, a concordance of people, places and things in the Everway universe and I recommended it to a couple of people before it sank out of sight with the Everway game. The entries are in themselves often short vignettes, the thing reads a lot like The Dictionary of the Khazars than an RPG supplement. There are powers, NPCs, artifacts and locations to be mined from it, one noteworthy instance is that I developed Unity Sorcery from the entry of the same name.

2. In Nomine: Revelations III: The Marches
A supplement for In Nomine, I've stolen ideas from this book for ideas on how to handle the Dreamlands in Strange Bedfellows. For this same reason, I am very interested in the recently released Ethereal Player's Guide. My Dreamlands have a lot of sui generis landmarks and ideas, but given their nature and their capacity for eclecticism, books like this are good for nuggets of information for me.

3. GURPS Atlantis
One of the best GURPS books I have read, the book takes a long look at Atlantis, providing a variety of takes and methods to insert Atlantis into a game, ranging from secret cabal descendants to high fantasy Bronze Age Athens-Atlantis wars. Its enormously entertaining, and its informed some of my vision of Rebmans and "Thera" in Strange Bedfellows.

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