November 20, 2003

Wish 72: Character Interruptus

And we get back into WISH mode. I'll tackle this one from Ginger, first:

Talk about a few characters you had to stop playing before their stories felt finished. Where do you think they would have gone?

Well, given my penchant for reimaging, reforging and recasting characters, a question like this is usually campaign-dependent, and work with how the character's stories interact with the campaign themes.

Take Marcus, for example. Although he is in AOR currently, his original incarnation, incomplete, was in Rob Bergeron's Shadow War. There, he was Deirdre's son, the game set after an alternate Guns of Avalon where Eric didn't die there. Throw in getting sucked into the Jewel of Judgement, Rob dredging up one line of backstory to give him a prior relationship with a (now revealed) Chaosian, and best of all, Marcus getting a jeweled arm (analogous to the one Benedict gets, although this one was even more directly tied to the Jewel)

Where those plotlines might have brought him, I don't know. By the time the game went into stasis, Marcus had already decided to fight for Siobhan and to find her once again, once he got out of the Jewel. I don't know how the jeweled arm would have figured into that.

Archard, from EGB, is an active character in my head, and I suspect that Arref knows precisely what he is up to, since EGB is part of his Amber: The Eternal City World. Me, I think he might try and establish an embassy in the scholarly city of Glantri, continue to forge the delicate links he has to a couple of those strange and unusual Amberites, and support his family through difficult and tumultous times.

His sister Rakhi might yet become Heir, after all.

And, of course, oh yes, continue to explore his mysterious abilities, especially now with Delwin back in the Empire.

Posted by Jvstin at November 20, 2003 9:19 AM