December 10, 2003

Game WISH 75 Religion and Controversy

Ginger asks:

A lot of neogamers I play with are uncomfortable with taking real religions and putting them into play. With all the "Satanist" backlash against D&D that there's been, do you feel comfortable having any religion in your games? Do you scrub it of anything controversial?

Like Arrefs game, religion varies from game to game, but I will stick to my own current campaign, SB, for concrete examples.

There hasn't been much focus on religion in SB. A PC priest-like character, played by Karen, didn't work out for various reasons. There are people that I don't seem to GM well, Scott and Karen are two of them.

I'm wondering if there isn't another to add to that list, my recent troubles with him are known to those of you I've griped about online.

The Church of the Unicorn hasn't seen any gametime use. A lot of things in SB haven't, due to time frame and focus as well as anything else. I have hopes and plans for much more varied plotlines in the day after the Ball, with new locations and characters (tag: Ginger's Alais!) to expand and color my world. I don't shy away from religion in my games, although talk about "Satanism" just makes me angry, rather than anything else.

The Church of the Serpent, however, has had a little more historical role in the game. It's been established that its a church in decline, having lost influence over the centuries, especially after the Lessiman Secession (tag: Meera!). The Church is still fighting what seems to current be a losing battle, losing its influence in Chaosian society drop by drop. Of course, given the time scales in Chaos, it will probably take centuries if not longer for a truly precipitous fall.

Chaos has lasted millenia and despite its recent troubles, will last millenia more.

Posted by Jvstin at December 10, 2003 1:44 PM