December 15, 2003

Wish 76: Player Role

Ginger asks:

A lot is made of the role of the GM in a game, but what is the role of the player?

Arref and Ginger, to just name two, have given great answers on this topic. But I will try to fashion a a passable one.

Players make the game.

Without players, the game is useless, devolving to a (pardon the language) masturbatory exercise that is far less pleasurable than the act of creation with others.

To quote from my infamous "GM review":

Paul appreciates and responds to players who know what they want and can write about it. He will "hand hold" but as an introduction, not as a running style. One line responses are not what he is looking for from his players.

In the same way, he is not telling you his story, he is providing a setting and canvas for players to react to Amber and events unfolding. There is no "plot train" that will run you over.

That's what I think players should do. Take the game by the horns, and respond and respond well to what is happening in the game. *Make* things happen. Help bring my world even more alive.

With that said, the Golden Rule, although not stated that way in Ginger's blog, applies. Treat the other players and the GM the way you yourself want to be treated in the game. There's plenty of room for everyone.

Over hogging of storylines and threads, expecting the GM to devote an unfair proportion of resources to you and your thread, playing politics with players. All of that is against what a player should do.

Help me tell the stories of this world. Help me make my world come alive. Enjoy and find pleasure and joy in answering my turns. That is what I ask of my players. Its a thrill when I get OOC email from players (or IMs) about game events. Showing that you care is important.

I admit freely that I am not as good an Amber player as I am as a GM. Partly polish, partly temperment, partly personality. I've gotten better. It's not that I am a ball hog or play politics or treat people badly, but my shyness and reticence have been downfalls for me as a player, especially in FTF games at cons.

Liz and many others can attest to what I was like at my first Ambercon. (Or first several, to be even more broad). But I am learning.

Posted by Jvstin at December 15, 2003 12:11 PM