January 21, 2004

Game Wish 81: My Favorite System

Ginger asks:

What�s your favorite game system, and why? What things don�t you like about it? How much do you have to �jigger� it from published rules and why?

I'm with Arref, but I think you all knew that...

How can I improve on Arref's answer of the good points of ADRPG?

I can't, really, he puts it well, quite well.

I do have to jigger some things from the rules, though. Just to name two:


--I don't, period. Ranks go by the wayside, too. They do not contribute, IMO to the game more than they detract.

The Poles-bias in Powers and Rules

Shadow people are important, too! Ask Archard, or Iolaus, to name two of my own. The rules of ADRPG are biased toward Amberites and Chaosians. I've tried to make it, by means of new powers and my own interpretations, that extraordinary shadow people can meet the scions of the two realms on something like a fair footing.

Posted by Jvstin at January 21, 2004 3:27 PM