February 7, 2004

Wish 83: Character Mottos

Similar to the previous WISH, the latest WISH deals with Characters rather than campaigns.

What are your characters´┐Ż mottoes, in ten words or less? Quotes and formal mottoes encouraged.

Scipio (no fixed game): My tongue is my best weapon

Marcus(AOR): Jack of all Trades, Master of Many

Cadmus(ROP): Strength and Fidelity of Purpose

Iolaus(GA): For my Polis

Delwin: I am the Night

Tynan(BN): The flow of information is the flow of power

Peter John Ulrich(LE): I will sail across the stars

Lorius(no fixed game): The spell is mightier than the sword

Hadrian (no fixed game) My art gives me freedom

Posted by Jvstin at February 7, 2004 11:22 AM