February 13, 2004

Game Wish 84: Five Games

Ginger Asks:

What five games would you love to run/play if you had a willing group and a weekly time slot?

A relatively simple WISH this week. But sometimes K.I.S.S. does work, even for memes and their answers.

And the five games for me?

Nobilis, for all of the reasons Ginger gives. I think I was born
to run a mythopoetic game like this.

Exalted: Sure, its WOD, but its not as barnacled as modern WOD games. I like the Exalted universe.

Traveller (either via GURPS or D20): Because I haven't played or run a true SF game in a long while. And I have endless ideas...I read enough SF and space opera to last a lifetime.

Hero Quest: I might not set the game in Glorantha, though. I might just steal the rules and set it in a fantasy universe of my own choosing. Besides I'd want to tie in other things from the myriad books I have.

Castle Falkenstein: Because, as Ginger says, Steampunk Victorian Gaming is lots of fun.

I didn't include Amber because I am in an FTF game (and play in several online). And there are plenty of other games that could take one of the five spots. Adventure! and Continuum just to name two.

Posted by Jvstin at February 13, 2004 10:44 AM