March 15, 2003

WISH 38: Favoritism

WISH 38: Favoritism

Do you (or your GM) �play favourites?� Do you feel you have to justify your answer? Do you have a horror story to share?

Impartiality in anything is a myth. Bias is a fact of our lives, because we are only human. It is a matter of minimizing it, or keeping things fair, that is important.

But are their players whose turns I like a lot more? Well, yes. To an extent I work harder for players who give me more, that help to develop my universes. I will go an extra mile for a Jim, an Arref and a Bridgette because they are the heavyweights of my world. It's not a matter of age and longevity, its a matter of the quality that I get.

To use a negative example, and I will change names to protect the innocent, there is a character named "Urania" played by "Jane". I regret taking the player and character on but I don't have any real "reason" to terminate either.

This is a recent post from the character.

I head down to one of the ways out trying to see if I
can help a few get to safty. I then head back to Odin
and ask him if he can walk with my help telling him we
need to leave here and get to safty. and to find
Father. or someone to see what happened.

I admit that I spend less work on this player and her character than someone who writes better, longer and more competently. I try hard to be fair as far as plots and such, but I am human and such...discordant work sets my teeth on edge. I am not a "grammar and spelling nazi" in any sense of the word, but there is just something about this player's continued and incessant poor grammar that rubs me the wrong way. The shallowness of thought in the player's spelling is, unfortunately, often (but not always) reflected in the turns as a whole as well.

So...I do play favorites. But if Urania and another PC were to come into conflict, I would not penalize Jane for that. And I certainly do not skip or avoid doing her turn, I take her when it comes to her time in the "queue".

Posted by Jvstin at March 15, 2003 6:32 PM