April 7, 2003

Game WISH 40

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 40: Preferred Style

(Going backwards a bit since I missed this one during my move, and ACUS)

What style of game do you prefer to play in? Style here does not mean genre, although certain styles work better under some genres than others. Style is more about the elements that predominate in a game: combat, politics, mysteries/puzzles, romance/interpersonal relations, etc. What three adjectives best describe your favorite game style? Does this style lend itself to particular genres or games?

Well now, not a simple question by any means this time, oh no. I had to think about this a bit.

Well, my interests are varied although my tastes fairly hew to relatively standard set of values and concepts. And I DO run games, as a rule, that I want to play in myself, so there is a good indication of what types of games I like to play.

Elements? Well, considering my characters and the games I choose--I do like mysteries/puzzles a lot. Nearly every game that I have ever run, with the aside of some very old D&D games, has had mystery or mysteries at the center. Who are the Omphalos and why are they invading? What are Osric and Asharia up to? What in the world caused a River to appear in Amber? What happened to kindly Uncle Brand? Why is Dara now on the throne, and I have a demon as a boyfriend/girlfriend? I love this sort of thing, most and foremost. I don't necessarily make the puzzles brain busters, but I try to evoke the aura of mystery...I want the player characters to feel important by them being the ones to solve the problem, discover the hidden secret.

A second theme for me is (usually) the cooperative venture. I do not thrive well in situations where my character is not only at the normal sort of odds with others, but is actively opposed to them. Gwyddbwyll was and is the exception, its about the only Throne War-ish game I have ever run, and I still have not the temerity to run it at a con...but maybe next year is the year. I want to try new things. I like the characters to be somewhat on the same team, at least in a general sense. I find myself somewhat adrift otherwise...its a confidence thing, I still think of myself as a "lightweight amongst heavyweights" that way. So, my games generally don't feature overt and unavoidable conflict.

The last thing I want is a touch of adventure. Oh, Scipio does well with politics and maneuvers, but my characters are usually happier doing things, than more political games. After all, at ACUS, Arkantos helped invent Tactical Dancing in the ballroom, since he couldn't do much more given the diplomatic situation.

So, the three words? Mystery, Cooperation, Adventure.
One can find many games that allow for this sort of thing, from (done right) D20 D&D to of course Amber.

Posted by Jvstin at April 7, 2003 9:05 AM