April 24, 2003

Game WISH 43

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 43: In Character Rewards

Somewhat late comes the answer to the latest Game WISH from Ginger:

What was the best in-character reward one of your characters ever got? Why was it so good?

Hmm. There are many possibilities on this one. I'm almost torn between some of the best ones. Of course, some of the best have dual edge or multi-edge aspects. That's just part of the game. I could even go with Arref and pick out Laertes' story in TKC. But I will go with another game, for variance.

Note there is a bit of adult stuff in this, so I have moved it to the extended entry.

I'll bite the bullet and just pick one of my favorites and talk a bit about Marcus v 1.0, as he appeared in Xagnut's Shadow War.

Marcus is the son of Deirdre, a elder of the cousins sort of Amberite (in fact, he's managed to snag that in Bridgette's game too--there is something about him which suits it). He's a jack of all trades, having learned magic from the redheads and a bit of the blade as well. To say nothing of his personal artifact, the shapeshifting, spell-holding object he calls the Myriad.

The juicy bit involved Rob's reworking of a background story I did to explain how Marcus wound up with Myriad. I mentioned he had travelled deep into shadow, and had met a young lady whom, and I quote myself "pumped her for information".

At the time I wasn't going there, but Rob offered me a chance to change the backstory so that they had a fling of sorts, turning my words into a allusion to it. I accepted it. So far, so good.

And then comes the really juicy bit. While Eric started dying with the JOJ around his neck (This was set after Guns of Avalon, but Eric survived in this universe), Marcus managed to be drawn into the very JOJ and had to get his way out. He met an eidolon of Siobhan, the lady bard, and it turned out she was part of Oberon's long term plans.
Marcus had to fight her sibling, whom he fought a weaker version in the backstory. And when all of that was done and he walked the Pattern in the Jewel to get out, when he emerged from what everyone else saw as unconsciousness, his arm wound up being replaced with a jeweled arm that was attuned to the JOJ.
Not quite the same as Benedict's arm, and I never got to see what would have happened, the game ended not long thereafter. But from a single line in a simple backstory, Rob wove a whole host of things, a juicy plot, a love interest, and an artifact arm.

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