May 2, 2003

WISH 45: Accolades and Warm Fuzzies

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 45: Accolades and Warm Fuzzies

Ginger asks a "nice" question this time around:

Who are some gamers you admire and appreciate? Name three (or as many as you like) gamers you admire and/or appreciate right now, and explain why.

NB: My apologies to the party whom wrote me about inaccuracies and mistakes in this entry. I have corrected them and I am sorry.

This is a tough question for me to answer because it embarasses me that anyone would have chosen me on their lists at all. Or maybe that's just a lack of self-confidence talking.

Okay, in no particular order...

Arref Mak
Arref was introduced to me via Jim Groves, seeking to join SB not too long after its inception. Consequently, our friendship and partnership on a few things have blossomed. We've bounced many ideas off of each other. The first ACUS I attended included a road trip from NJ to the land of three rivers so that my companions (Bridgette and Xagnut) and I could join him and his RFL for the final leg. Arref was in my first ever ACUS con game (The original Wizard in the Attic edition). The first multi-con "campaign" at ACUS that i joined, consequently, was his own EGB. Arref was also the person who got me into blogging. I love the man's work, I think that's obvious.

MaBarry is the uncrowned Queen of Amber links. I have harvested and adapted some of her freely available ideas for my own, putting my spins on them. I've found other ideas to use thanks to her comprehensive survey of things Amber. Without her, my game universes would not include things like, say, Lessima.

Bridgette, also known as Egwenna is my other partner in crime. After all, we've taken a domain name together, for openers. One of my earliest character creations was a son of Flora named Scipio who had two sisters, one played by Xagnut, and the other, a rebellious hellion played by Bridgette. We've cross-fertilized ideas on things like Dragons, the Dreamlands, Rebma and much more. She was the first of the Amber roleplayers I could put a face to, because she wanted to meet me in person. And she was one of the original people that invited when I decided to start Strange Bedfellows.

I know others have done it, but I will include Liz Trumitch for the same reasons. Ambercons will not be the same without her running and keeping them on the ground. Even if sometimes she confused my appearance with Mike Levay, this time around I think she figured out who I really am. Running a con must be several factors of magnitude worse than running a game, or even several games. I would never have the nerve.

Last, I'll throw in the previously mentioned Xagnut. I got introduced to Xagnut at about the same time as Egwenna, and like her, he and I have been in several games together. Only time and circumstance prevented him from being a charter member of SB.
Although the execution of his games has not always gone according to plan, I have been in two of his attempted campaigns, and I am in awe of his questioning of assumptions, and his inventiveness. The original version of Marcus was in his Shadow War game, and I developed Tynan MacCarter (now seen in Bete Noire) for his Doom of Trumps.

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