May 25, 2003

WISH 48: Money, Money, Money

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 48: Money, Money, Money

The price and availability of miniatures goes up as more companies leave the market. Wood costs lead to extended paper costs, and supplements and gaming systems are becoming a serious financial investment. Is this affecting your gaming any?

Yes, it is slowing my rate of buying and trying new products. The fact that I am currently unemployed is the bottom line. I would like to buy a host of things, but budgeting and finances, and the general expense of game books these days means that I have to choose and pick my battles carefully.

So it has slowed me down considerably, yes. I was tempted, for instance, by a copy of Nobilis that I saw in The Source (a local gaming store) not long ago. Under better financial circumstances, I would not have hesitated to purchase a book that I've salivated about for quite a while.

And there are plenty of other books somewhat on hold for that reason--Exalted Abyssal, The Dying Earth RPG, and others.

Posted by Jvstin at May 25, 2003 7:13 AM