June 13, 2003

Game Wish 51: New Genres

Game Wish 51

What are three genres that you�ve had limited exposure to as a gamer that you�d like to try or play more of?

Only three? Well, I will try to limit myself.

First up is Science Fiction. Yes, I played some Traveller when I was younger and the world was new...but recently? Zippo. I don't quite mean Star Wars, but something like Traveller, or perhaps Blue Planet, or the like. Li's Lunar Ellipse fits that niche, too. Space Opera, like something in the worlds of Peter F. Hamilton would be super. Also, "Sword and Planet" in the style of De Camp or Jack Vance would be fun.

Second? Action/Adventure from the 20's, as exemplified in the WW game Adventure!, and in Arref's own Argent Rose. . I've never been to Ambercon North, but I know I would (try) to sign up for his game if I did.

Sometimes you want to play the hero, after all.

Third? Something fantasy-mythic based. This is a rather broad category, since it includes both Nobilis AND Hero Wars. Fantasy, but not the usual D20 stuff, and something non-Amberish for a change of pace. Something intelligent, with interesting tropes, a rich milieu, characters, world. After all, almost all of my gaming right now is Amber or Amberish.

Posted by Jvstin at June 13, 2003 2:18 PM