June 21, 2003

Game WISH 52: Your Robin Laws Type

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 52: Your Robin Laws Type

Robin Laws identifies several types of gamer in his book of GM tips: The Power Gamer, the Butt-Kicker, the Tactician, the Specialist (plays one type only), the Method Actor, the Storyteller (plot and pacing fan), and the Casual Gamer. Which of these types do you think you are, and why? Most people aren�t pure types, so multiple choices are OK.

I've not read Mr. Laws' book (and I should, I suppose) so I am a bit hazy on the different types and what they do and do not represent.

Like many things in life, I will muddle through. (Thanks to Arref to pointing out a shorthand guide to the archetypes)

I guess its true that I am a GM first and a player second, these days and most days. It was certainly circumstance more than anything, once I started playing role playing games with someone other than my older brother, I soon wound up taking the role of the DM/GM. Amber soon proved to be no exception when I started SB.

But looking at my playing style as objectively as I can, it seems that my GM urge to be a storyteller comes through first and foremost. Why else would Laertes fool around with a clearly dangerous artifact and wind up walking the Pattern in TKC? Or Marcus in AOR, why would he do things ranging from throwing his sister at Brand (not *that* way!), to getting immersed in a rather strange sorcerous experience that he is from which only now recovering. Or Arkantos in Chris Kindred's Weirmonken game inventing "Tactical Dancing".

There are elements of other types in my play. I do like to play "intelligent" characters, so the Tactician sneaks his head there. I'd like to be more of a method actor (after seeing some very good ones), but I don't feel that I do it well.

Power-Gamer? Naaah. Butt-kicking? Not usually, no, most of my characters don't go that way. And I am not a Casual Gamer by any stretch of the definition, even if I am but a shadow of a true gamer like, say, Arref.

Posted by Jvstin at June 21, 2003 7:41 AM